Words & Pics Puzzle Answers Level 3

Do you need Words & Pics Puzzle answers for level 3? This is the right source to get to solutions for all puzzle in level 3. Words & Pics Puzzle solutions only for new player which cannot solve a difficult picture in the game, so with this cheats they can continue play and finish the first level with confidence. This game created by jeux de mots for android 2.3.3 and higher version, This game available in 7 different language : English, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Deutsch and italiano so if you need the answers for other language visit our link below, Please understand if you guess the picture randomly then the picture sequence will be different with our result but still in same level, so youstill can find the solutions in the list below.



Words & Pics Puzzle Level 3

1. predator
2. flower
3. North
4. book
5. ladybug
6. Politics
7. hat
8. chestnuts
9. Barrel
10. staircase
11. Blackboard
12. snake
13. celery
14. trap
15. calculator
16. Noodles
17. avocado
18. pelicans
19. peppers
20. sunset

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