Words & Pics Puzzle 2 Level 9 Answers

Answers for Words & Pics Puzzle 2 game level 9, this is the 2nd version so if you ever play the first version you will able to solve this game faster without using an answers like our post below. This answers will be useful when you have no more hints and credits so you can continue play the game and solve more word.

Words & pics puzzle answers created using android but you can use this post if you play this game using other device like iphone and windows mobile. Please remind our team to update the answers if you found new level but cannot find the answers at the elshaddaigame.com, this solutions created for the english version and if you need for the other language please add a request at our contact form.

• Available in English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese
• Easy to play and fun
• A word game for the whole family!

Words & Pics Puzzle 2 Level 9

1. Antique
2. glassmith
3. winter
4. canyon
5. torso
6. jump
7. Motorcycle
8. smoke
9. Pearls
10. infusions
11. countryside
12. teeth
13. Television
14. sky
15. bracelet
16. Vertebra
17. magazines
18. armpits
19. stars
20. buns

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