Words Crush Hidden Themes Pioneer Answers

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Words Crush Hidden Themes Pioneer

1. green flower honey
2. march seed blossom
3. chick warm rain bud
4. petal bunny sneeze
5. caterpillar April

1. carrot bean potato
2. onion pumpkin corn
3. lettuce tomato pea
4. celery garlic beet
5. broccoli cucumber

1. playing card dice
2. video computer win
3. puzzle arcade goal
4. deck fortune chips
5. skill control role

1. much will have more
2. old habits die hard
3. years bring wisdom
4. time works wonders
5. cry over spilt milk

1. yam potato harvest
2. rye wheat soybeans
3. cotton rice clover
4. hay farm corn olive
5. peas sugarcane oat

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