Wordbreak ROYAL Answers

Wordbreak Game – This is our Wordbreak game answers for royal category, as you know this game very easy to solve everybody just need to slide any letter into random direction and found the correct word without huge effort. I found a problem when play this game with internet connection the ads pop up randomly sometimes twice in al level, i hope somebody already report it to the publisher :P. Anothe problem foud when i play this game on my ipad mini 2 sometimes game lagging and too slow respond my finger, i need to turn off wifi or data connection to fix it. This game also publish at google play store so you could play it in your android gadget

Wordbreak royal

Wordbreak royal level 1. lay oral lory royal oar
Wordbreak royal level 2. tie title tilt tile lite lit
Wordbreak royal level 3. bark break brake beak baker bake
Wordbreak royal level 4. rice relic ceil lice rile
Wordbreak royal level 5. tiro ratio taro riot rota
Wordbreak royal level 6. den dune under run rude rue rend end due
Wordbreak royal level 7. ears rase sore rose soar sear arose oars
Wordbreak royal level 8. beam lamb blame meal male able lame amble
Wordbreak royal level 9. swap pawn span spawn swan snap wasp
Wordbreak royal level 10. seat sate tease tees east ease

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