Wordbreak FLOWER Answers

Wordbreak Game – This is our Wordbreak game answers for flower category, as you know this game very easy to solve everybody just need to slide any letter into random direction and found the correct word without huge effort. I found a problem when play this game with internet connection active the ads pop up randomly sometimes twice in a level, i hope somebody already report it to the publisher :P. Another problem found when i play this game on my ipad mini 2 sometimes game lagging and very slow respond my finger, i need to turn off wifi or data connection to fix it. This game also published at google play store so you able to play it on your android device.

Wordbreak flower

Wordbreak flower level 1. exit toxic exotic cite cote otic
Wordbreak flower level 2. sail fail fiscal calfs fails calf
Wordbreak flower level 3. dine hide died hidden hide hind
Wordbreak flower level 4. poet poke kept peck pocket cope cote
Wordbreak flower level 5. ache able lace cable beach bleach each heal
Wordbreak flower level 6. tore tart rate tear otter rotate treat trot
Wordbreak flower level 7. wolf flow flew lower flower role wore fowl
Wordbreak flower level 8. clip lice pile pick pickle lick epic like
Wordbreak flower level 9. theory hero tore rote other they
Wordbreak flower level 10. sir sin rain raisin iris ran air

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