Word Whizzle Dolphin Cheats

Cheats for word whizzle dolphin category we hope you can solve all puzzle in this pack, but if you found difficult word to guess you can read our word whizzle cheats below, with this cheats you can solve this pack and continue to higher level. This game built by apprope for android and iOS the app is free to download, but you can buy hints inside the apps, with google as the payment gateway, don’t worry its secure and safe. Alternate if you doesn’t have credit card player can use google play gift card to buy hints.


Cheats Word Whizzle Dolphin Category

Level 141. Found in a Church: prayer pew cross
Level 142. In the Dairy Section: curd milk cheddar
Level 143. Halloween: candy costumes
Level 144. Sports: golf tennis hockey
Level 145. Spanish-Speaking Countries: mexico spain peru
Level 146. “Not Home”: lost absent gone
Level 147. Things That Smoke: chimney cigar
Level 148. Literary Genres: mystery fiction
Level 149. Snack Food: dip chips popcorn
Level 150. Crustaceans: prawn shrimp crab
Level 151. Hard Work: tears sweat
Level 152. Medical Professions: doctor nurse
Level 153. Timepieces: clock watch
Level 154. It Happens in the Brain: fear love thought
Level 155. It “Covers” You: blanket insurance
Level 156. Happens During a Ballgame: foul goal timeout
Level 157. Car Parts: trunk bumper hood
Level 158. Cutlery: fork spoon knife
Level 159. Trick …. : shot pony
Level 160. In a Bottle: pills ship beer

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