Word Trace Safe Answers

This post contains word trace safe pack answers, with this solutions you can solve all puzzle easier, but please remember do not use this cheats to solve all level or you will lost the fun. Word trace created by smart up app a developed which only create addicting word game for android or iphone. I can solve most pack in this game because it’s my hobbies and everybody can do what i do so nothing special with this word trace answers. If you love to play this game please share and give it 5 star rating.


Word Trace Safe Answers

Word Trace Safe Level 1. Clue: in the City Answers: Hospital Road School Market Building Noise Street Jam Car
Word Trace Safe Level 2. Clue: Travel Answers: Schedule Ticket Hike Camera Currency Tour Holiday Cruise
Word Trace Safe Level 3. Clue: Jewelry Answers: Earrings Peridot Necklace Bracelet Pearl Watch Amethyst
Word Trace Safe Level 4. Clue: Thanksgiving Day Answers: Reunion Autumn Pie Friend Tradition Thank Harvest Turkey
Word Trace Safe Level 5. Clue: With Uniforms Answers: General Waiter Navy Police Military Pilot Officer Doctor
Word Trace Safe Level 6. Clue: Bbq Answers: Friend Salt Happy Pepper Delicious Sauce Hungry Coal Meat
Word Trace Safe Level 7. Clue: the Start Answers: Sunrise Birth First Sprout Initiate Begin Spring Baby Bud
Word Trace Safe Level 8. Clue: a Nice Day Answers: Breeze Lucky Sunny Clear Cloudless Happy Bright Warm Date
Word Trace Safe Level 9. Clue: School Members Answers: Assistant Secretary Principal Director Student Teacher
Word Trace Safe Level 10. Clue: It Produces Heat Answers: Spark Fire Bulb Lamp Friction Fuel Steam Battery Oven Body
Word Trace Safe Level 11. Clue: to Book a Ticket Answers: Passport Flight Card Demand Discount Money Consult Price
Word Trace Safe Level 12. Clue: to Make a Pizza Answers: Cheese Dough Beef Base Tomato Onion Sauce Recipe Bake Inch
Word Trace Safe Level 13. Clue: to Recover Answers: Treatment Doctor Injection Hospital Care Rest Operation
Word Trace Safe Level 14. Clue: Film-making Answers: Script Actor Scene Music Dialogue Shoot Action Movie Cast
Word Trace Safe Level 15. Clue: a Period of Time Answers: Lifetime Quarter Eternity Century Season Decade Forever
Word Trace Safe Level 16. Clue: to Tell a Story Answers: Climax Origin Thing Ending Character Place Reason Course
Word Trace Safe Level 17. Clue: Collectables Answers: Comic Stamp Coin Doll Painting Rock Album Antique Toy Wine
Word Trace Safe Level 18. Clue: House Types Answers: Cottage Castle Barn Temple Bungalow Cabin Mansion Palace
Word Trace Safe Level 19. Clue: It Stings Answers: Mosquito Needle Bee Cactus Jellyfish Rose Scorpion Knife
Word Trace Safe Level 20. Clue: at Christmas Answers: December Present Cold Winter Reindeer Snow Stocking Pray

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