Word Trace Lock Answers

This post contains word trace lock pack answers, with this solutions you can solve all puzzle easier, but please remember do not use this cheats to solve all level or you will lost the fun. Word trace created by smart up app a developed which only create addicting word game for android or iphone. I can solve most pack in this game because it’s my hobbies and everybody can do what i do so nothing special with this word trace answers. If you love to play this game please share and give it 5 star rating.


Word Trace Lock Answers

Word Trace Lock Level 1. Clue: Positive Feelings Answers: Cheerful Hopeful Glad Brave Confident Bold Delight Happy
Word Trace Lock Level 2. Clue: Weather Forecast Answers: Stormy Foggy Clear Shower Cloudy Sunny Frosty Rainy Snowy
Word Trace Lock Level 3. Clue: Brunch Answers: Weekend Bacon Lunch Juice Breakfast Bread Coffee Late Tea
Word Trace Lock Level 4. Clue: Family Members Answers: Grandpa Mother Aunt Nephew Daughter Cousin Sister Father
Word Trace Lock Level 5. Clue: Habitats Answers: Mountain Forest Tree Ocean Grassland Swamp Wetland River
Word Trace Lock Level 6. Clue: Halloween Horror Answers: Monster Witch Beast Skull Skeleton Scare Spider Fear Bone
Word Trace Lock Level 7. Clue: Leisure Answers: Museum Paint Music Dance Shopping Chess Travel Sport Read
Word Trace Lock Level 8. Clue: Words on Signs Answers: Entrance Caution Safe Danger Straight Left Warning Right
Word Trace Lock Level 9. Clue: Hair Salon Answers: Fashion Shampoo Chair Style Customer Braid Texture Towel
Word Trace Lock Level 10. Clue: in the Zoo Answers: Gorilla Visitor Elephant Giraffe Monkey Peacock Dolphin
Word Trace Lock Level 11. Clue: Happen in the Brain Answers: Regret Happy Fear Pity Anxious Miss Angry Nervous Sad Blue
Word Trace Lock Level 12. Clue: Desserts Answers: Custard Brownie Tart Cupcake Pudding Cake Macaron Pastry
Word Trace Lock Level 13. Clue: Dwellings Answers: Inn Motel Building Hut Shed Lodge Flat Apartment Tent Loft
Word Trace Lock Level 14. Clue: Allergic to It Answers: Cat Pollen Grass Wheat Honey Peanut Dairy Alcohol Seafood
Word Trace Lock Level 15. Clue: a Detective Needs Answers: Pen Gloves Coat Hat Watch Notebook Gun Magnifier Recorder
Word Trace Lock Level 16. Clue: Music Answers: Song Album Record Musician Melody Lyric Singer Conductor
Word Trace Lock Level 17. Clue: Easter Answers: Egg Rabbit Bunny Gift Jesus Basket Hunt Celebrate Present
Word Trace Lock Level 18. Clue: Computer Answers: Cable Screen Tablet Battery Laptop Mouse Camera Software
Word Trace Lock Level 19. Clue: Solve a Case Answers: Clue Blood Witness Evidence Truth Hair Suspect Footprint
Word Trace Lock Level 20. Clue: Election Answers: Poll Lobby Campaign Politics Speech Vote Ballot Decision

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