Word Trace Answers All Level


Word trace is another challenging word game that i can solve until the last packs, took more than 1 hour to complete all level in word trace and i didn’t realize already play the game more than 1 hour because this game so addicting, when you solve a puzzle then you will challenged to solve another one again and again until no more level available. Not only smart guy can win the game because you can solve this game using hints, word apps or even a cheats.

How to play word trace is simple, read the hints at top screen then find words related to it, slide the letter to solve the game. Every packs contain 10 to 20 level player cannot skip a level when they can’t solve a difficult puzzle but they can use a hints to reveal the first letter and then guess the complete word. Smart up inc create many similar word game and word trace is the hardest.

Word trace has 30 packs and here’s the list: Detective, Dog, Hat, Coat, Gloves, Matches, Pipe, Cane, Pocket Watch, Umbrella, Torch, Fingerprint, Magnifier, Footprint, Tape Measure, Chess, Poker, Compass, Binoculars, Lamp, Telephone, Telegraph, Book, Newspaper, Files, Quill Pen, Letter, Safe, Lock, Key. Every day i will post 5 to 10 packs until the last pack available and word trace daily puzzle answers will be added soon.

Reasons you should be playing Word Trace
– Game for all ages
– DAILY puzzle for brain training
– FRIENDLY interface for better game experience
– 580 well-designed themes, similar with traditional crossword games, but more challenging!
– SHARPEN your puzzle solving skills and keep your mind moving!
– PLAY together with your family and friends to have even more fun

Word Trace-Brain Puzzle Themes Answers

Word Trace Detective
Word Trace Dog
Word Trace Hat
Word Trace Coat
Word Trace Gloves
Word Trace Matches
Word Trace Pipe
Word Trace Cane
Word Trace PocketWatch
Word Trace Umbrella
Word Trace Torch
Word Trace Fingerprint
Word Trace Magnifier
Word Trace Footprint
Word Trace TapeMeasure
Word Trace Chess
Word Trace Poker
Word Trace Compass
Word Trace Binoculars
Word Trace Lamp
Word Trace Telephone
Word Trace Telegraph
Word Trace Book
Word Trace Newspaper
Word Trace Files
Word Trace QuillPen
Word Trace Letter
Word Trace Safe
Word Trace Lock
Word Trace Key

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