Word Tower Crosswords Level 1-5 Answers

Many crossword game solved by our team before and now i just download word tower crossword, this game made by second gear games for android and iphone, for expereinced crossword player this game is too easy because they will found many similar question in other game, but for rookie like me, this game too difficult and has so little free hints, used twice and then you should buy another.

Word Tower Crosswords Solutions

1. a child who has lost both parents: ORPHAN
2. a mythical creature: DRAGON
3. suitable for both gender: UNISEX
4. a sum of money allocated for a particular purpose: BUDGET
5. number after eleven: TWELVE
6. Mortal ___, title of a popular video game: COMBAT
7. a division of a company: BRANCH
8. opposite of singular: PLURAL
9. a device to control a TV: REMOTE
10. stringed instrument played with a bow: VIOLIN
11. a character adopted by a team as a symbolic figure: MASCOT
12. the capital of cuba: HAVANA

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