Word Tailor Level 221 – 240 Answers

Just found a game named word tailor in google play, this game similar to word cookies or word blobs but have better graphic and layout. In this post i want to share the word tailor answers for new player which cannot guess some difficult word in the game, because if you can’t found a complete word you can’t skip or change the level, so use this answers to solve it and continue play this challenging game.

Word tailor answers doesn’t use category just answer every level and you will reach the end of game, simple right?. This game only accept familiar word so sometimes it reject a possible word or keep it in their dictionary. We hope this solutions also useful for non android user because it only tested with android device and this game also available for ipad and windows mobile.

Word Tailor Level 221 – 240

Level 221. Ear Rest Eat Rate Are East Tear Ears Star Arts Seat Tears
Level 222. As Sat An San Tin Its Sit Saint Sin Stain
Level 223. Tea Seat Set Safe Sea Fate Sat Fast Fat East Eat Feast
Level 224. Sea Ears Ear Case Car Cars Are Care Arc Races Race Acres
Level 225. Row Nor Own New Owe Worn One Wore Now Owner
Level 226. Fat Are Tea Tear Far Rate Era Fear Eat Fate Ear Fare Art After
Level 227. Top Pin Ton Not Tip Pint Tin Into Pot Point
Level 228. Set Age Sea Seat Sat Gets Get Gate Tea East Eat Stage
Level 229. Set Take Sea Seat Tea Sake Eat East Ask Stake Task Takes
Level 230. Red Read Mad Made Era Dear Ear Dare Arm Are Dream Armed
Level 231. Tea Heat The Hate Hat Each Eat Ache Cat Cheat Act Teach
Level 232. Tea Seat Set East Sea Best Sat Beat Eat Base Bet Beast
Level 233. Two Not Ton Town Sow Tons Son Snow Own Now Towns
Level 234. Top Stop Toe Step Set Spot Pot Poet Pet Pest Toes Poets
Level 235. Tea Art Wet War Wear Eat Tear Ear Rate Awe Water Are
Level 236. Ear Read Eat Rate Tea Dear Red Date Art Dare Are Tear Trade
Level 237. Men Mend Man Mean Mad Made End Dean And Damn Name Named
Level 238. Sew War Sea Are Saw Wear Raw Wars Era Ears Ear Swear
Level 239. Era Read Red Dear Ear Dare Bed Bear Bar Bare Bad Are Bread Beard
Level 240. Tea Meat Let Meal Eat Mate Team Male Tame Late Tale Metal

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