Word Tailor Level 141 – 160 Answers

Just found a game named word tailor in google play, this game similar to word cookies or word blobs but have better graphic and layout. In this post i want to share the word tailor answers for new player which cannot guess some difficult word in the game, because if you can’t found a complete word you can’t skip or change the level, so use this answers to solve it and continue play this challenging game.

Word tailor doesn’t use category just answer every level and you will reach the end of game, simple right?. This game only accept familiar word so sometimes it reject a possible word or keep it in their dictionary. We hope this solutions also useful for non android user because it only tested with android device and this game also available for ipad and windows mobile.

Word Tailor Level 141 – 160

Level 141. Sea Sneak San Snake Ask Sake Sane
Level 142. So Sun On Son No Sound Do
Level 143. Sin Lie Linesline Lies Lens
Level 144. Ten Sent Set Nest Net Cent Etc Cents
Level 145. Sea Are Per Peas Era Ears Ear Spare
Level 146. Rot Air Oar Ratio Oat Art
Level 147. Top Posts Pot Spots Stop Spot Post
Level 148. Ray Day Hay Yard Had Hard Dry Hardy
Level 149. Log Goals Gas Ago Goal Also
Level 150. Sun Runs Run Nuts Nut Turns Turn Rust
Level 151. Era Verb Ear Bear Bar Bare Are Brave
Level 152. Top Sort Rot Post Pot Port Stop Sport Spot
Level 153. Far Fear Era Farm Ear Fare Arm Fame Are Frame
Level 154. Who How Sow Show She Shoe Sew Whose Owe
Level 155. One Alone Loan Lean Lane
Level 156. Sea Cape Cap Peas Pace Case Space
Level 157. Two Sort Sow Row Rot Worst
Level 158. Wet West Sew Step Set Pest Pet Swept
Level 159. Pin Nail Pan Lip Plan Plain
Level 160. Rid Aid Pad Pair Dip Paid Air Rapid

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