Word Puzzle Game Level 1 – 50 Answers

I hope there’s other player who need word puzzle game answers reading this, i know only few gamer will interested with this game because it has too many similarity with word cookies and wordscapes, i’m not an expert, just a guy who always interested to try new game in android or iOS. I can reach level 1000 less than 3 hour so this game isn’t difficult player just need to slide to any direction to found a correct word, use this solutions when you stuck and no more hints available.

Word Puzzle Game Level 1 – 50

Level 1. he the
Level 2. ox box
Level 3. at bat tab
Level 4. of or for
Level 5. go do dog god
Level 6. so no on son
Level 7. us use sue
Level 8. oh to hot
Level 9. at act cat
Level 10. to pot top opt
Level 11. am me make
Level 12. if we few wife
Level 13. as sag gas
Level 14. us sub bus
Level 15. am arm far farm
Level 16. as at say stay
Level 17. aid die idea
Level 18. in ink pin pink
Level 19. it pit tip
Level 20. add dad dead
Level 21. bow owl low bowl
Level 22. me lie mile lime
Level 23. we he new when
Level 24. at tea eat take
Level 25. in pie pen pine
Level 26. fee elf feel flee
Level 27. if lie life file
Level 28. in is skin sink
Level 29. or row work
Level 30. an at ant want
Level 31. if in find
Level 32. at as salt last
Level 33. as sea save vase
Level 34. he me home hemo
Level 35. he net the ten hen then
Level 36. one not ten toe net note
Level 37. do no on now own down
Level 38. oh to hob hot both
Level 39. hi it hit light
Level 40. me an am man mean name
Level 41. hi lid child
Level 42. lap lay pay play
Level 43. do old loud cloud
Level 44. up on no upon
Level 45. an in gain again
Level 46. us sulk skull
Level 47. lie evil live veil
Level 48. ex net ten next
Level 49. me my pet yet type empty
Level 50. in kid kind dink

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