Word Link Chapter 4 Answers

This post contains word link chapter 4 answers, when you stuck in this chapter you can use it to find the correct word and continue play this simple word game. This game available for android and may be iOS, i’m not sure but some developers always create a both version and contains similar word. This game has many similarity with word cookies game but it has different word inside.

If you ever play similar game then wouldn’t be difficult to complete word link game, but if you new with word game then to play this game is : slide each letter to make a word, not every word will be accepted but only chosen word, and the other word will be added into extra word and you will earn some coins.

Word Link Chapter 4 Answers

31. One, Cone, Once, Con | Eon
32. Swift, Wit, Fit, Sit, Its | Tis
33. Deny, Dye, Den, End | Dyne, Dey, Yen
34. Flea, Leaf, Elf | Ale, Lea
35. Buy, Rub, Bury, Ruby
36. Pal, Map, Palm, Lamp | Alp, Amp, Lam
37. Sot, Hot, Shot, Host
38. Often, Font, Note, Tone, No | On, Of, To
39. East, Seat, Ate, Eat, Tea, Sea | Sate, Seta, Set, Sat
40. Burn, Run, Rub, Bun, Nub | Bur, Urn

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