Word Cookies Peppermint Packs Answers

Word cookies answers for peppermint pack level 1 – 20 a simple solutions which can help you complete every pack in this game faster. How to play word cookies is simple slide a letter to make a word it can contains 2 letters or more depends on the total letters. This solutions useful for every device because when we try the game in other android phone the letters did not change.

Word cookies start with three letters and more letter in middle packs and its getting very hard, so you need to bookmark elshaddaigame.com for the next pack solutions. Doesn’t like use a cheats to solve the game? don’t worry you can use hints if you had many coins, each hints cost 25 for a single letter clue and if you can solve a level you will earn 25.
• Discover hidden words from mixed letters.
• Find derived words from main words and develop your brain & vocabulary skills.
• Visually pleasing to play cookies in various kinds!
• Feel achievement with Increased point by making more cookies!
• Simple and Easy!
• Daily bonus rewards
• Free 200 coins payments, at the first game
• Great exercise for the brain
• Support both Phones and Tablets.
• FREE Update!

Word Cookies Peppermint Answers

Level 1. Certify Cite City Cry Fiery Fir Fire Fit Fret Fry Ice Icy Ire Refit Reify Rice Rife Rift Rite Rye Tic Tie Tier Tire Try Yet Yeti
Level 2. Age Ape Gale Gap Gape Gel Glue Gulp Lag Lap Leap Leg Lug Page Pal Pale Pea Peal Peg Plague Plea Plug Pug Lea Ale
Level 3. Add Amen Amend And Dam Damned Dead Demand Den End Mad Madden Made Man Mane Mead Mean Men Mend Name Named Dad
Level 4. Dew Doe Doer Door Drew Odd Odder Ode Ore Owe Owed Red Redo Redwood Rod Rode Rodeo Roe Row Rowed Wed Woe Woo Wood Wooded Wooed Word Worded Wore
Level 5. Hip Hips His Hop Hops Lip Lips Lisp Lop Oil Oils Polish Ship Shop Silo Sip Slip Slop Soil Spoil Posh
Level 6. Compost Coop Coops Coos Cost Cot Cots Moot Mop Mops Most Oops Post Pot Pots Scoop Scoot Soot Spot Stomp Stoop Stop Too Top Tops Cop Coot
Level 7. Eel Elf Elfin Fee Feel Feeling Feign Feline Fig File Fin Fine Flee Fleeing Fling Gel Gene Genie Gin Glee Leg Lie Lien Life Line Nil
Level 8. Are Arm Aver Ear Earl Elm Era Lame Male Mar Mare Marvel Meal Ram Rave Ravel Real Realm Ream Vale Veal Lea Ale Lam Rev
Level 9. Deer Dew Drew Dwell Dweller Eel Elder Led Leer Red Reed Reel Wed Weed Weld Welder Well Welled Were
Level 10. Its Set Sets Sew Sews Sit Site Sites Sits Stew Stews Tie Ties West Wet Wets Wise Wisest Wit Wits
Level 11. Egg Eggs Elm Elms Emu Emus Gel Gels Gem Gems Glue Glues Glum Gum Gums Leg Legs Lug Lugs Mug Mugs Mule Mules Muse Slug Slum Smug Smuggle Sue Sum Use
Level 12. Clip Clot Coil Colt Cot Lip Lit Loci Lop Lot Oil Optic Pilot Pit Plot Politic Pot Tic Tip Toil Top Topic Cop
Level 13. Err Errs Ire Peer Peers Per Pie Pier Piers Pies Pries Prise Reprise Rip Ripe Riper Rips Rise Riser See Seep Seer Sip Sir Sire Spire Spree Respire
Level 14. Ably Alms Balm Balmy Bay Bays Cab Cabs Calm Calms Clam Clams Clay Clays Cymbal Cymbals Labs Lamb Lambs Lay Lays May Say Scab Scaly Slab Slam Slay Sly Yam Yams Lab Lam Cay
Level 15. Ace Acre All Arc Are Call Caller Car Care Cell Cellar Clear Ear Earl Era Lace Race Real Recall Lea Ale
Level 16. Eel Eels Else Lens Lent Lest Let Lets Nest Nestle Net Nets See Seen Sent Set Sleet Steel Tee Teen Teens Tees Ten Tens Tense
Level 17. Cine Eel Eels Else Ice Ices Isle Lens Lice License Lie Lien Liens Lies Line Lines Nice Niece Nieces Nil Scene See Seen Senile Silence Sin Since Slice
Level 18. Bee Beer Beet Belt Beret Bet Betel Eel Elm Ember Leer Let Meet Melt Mere Met Meter Rebel Reel Tee Teem Term Treble Tree Tremble Mete
Level 19. Fix Foil Foils Fold Folds Fox Idol Idols Lid Lids Oil Oils Old Silo Six Sixfold Slid Soil Sold Solid
Level 20. Apron Aprons Arson Nap Naps Nor Oar Oars Oops Pan Pans Par Parson Poor Pro Pros Ran Rap Raps Rasp Sap Snap Soap Soar Son Soon Soprano Spa Span Spar Spoon Spoor Roan

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