Word Cookies Greentea Packs Answers

Word cookies answers for greentea pack level 1 – 20 a simple solutions which can help you complete every pack in this game faster. How to play word cookies is simple slide a letter to make a word it can contains 2 letters or more depends on the total letters. This solutions useful for every device because when we try the game in other android phone the letters did not change.

Word cookies start with three letters and more letter in middle packs and its getting very hard, so you need to bookmark elshaddaigame.com for the next pack solutions. Doesn’t like use a cheats to solve the game? don’t worry you can use hints if you had many coins, each hints cost 25 for a single letter clue and if you can solve a level you will earn 25.
• Discover hidden words from mixed letters.
• Find derived words from main words and develop your brain & vocabulary skills.
• Visually pleasing to play cookies in various kinds!
• Feel achievement with Increased point by making more cookies!
• Simple and Easy!
• Daily bonus rewards
• Free 200 coins payments, at the first game
• Great exercise for the brain
• Support both Phones and Tablets.
• FREE Update!

Word Cookies Greentea

Level 1. dig din dining fig fin find finding gin inn
Level 2. peep pepper peer per reed deer deep red
Level 3. cork choir cry hickory hock icy rich rock rocky
Level 4. all local alcohol call coal halo hall cool
Level 5. bee bee rember member mere beef free reef fee
Level 6. horn horizon ion iron nor zoo
Level 7. pin picnic pine pie pen ice nip nice epic
Level 8. mill million ill ion lion loin oil nil
Level 9. cur circuit citric critic curt cut rut tic uric
Level 10. pay payday pad day 2 special.30¢
Level 11. gel geology ego egg leg log logo lye
Level 12. ark award awkward dark draw raw wad war ward
Level 13. war warrior arrow air raw row oar roar
Level 14. sow sorrow sorry soy rosy row rows worry woo wry
Level 15. ball balloon ban boa boon all lob loan loon
Level 16. cog coin con cook cooking gin icon ink ion kin king nook
Level 17. all anvil ill lain nail nil vain van via vial villa villain
Level 18. hat habit habitat hit bait bat bath bit that tab
Level 19. bin bikini ink kin kind kid bind bid din
Level 20. gin gins miss missing sign sin sing sins signs

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