Word Catcher Level 28

Now i want to share answers level 28 in word catcher game, this game created by second gear games top game developer in google play, i just solve 10 level in this word game and each level contains 10 level. I want to share this answers to help new player found the difficult word and continue play the game until the last level. Every game created by this developer also available in itunes store but sometimes uploaded using different developer name.

Word catcher level 28 still easy to solve, may be only few gamer will need this cheats but we must share all solved level in elshaddaigame.com to make it perfect game solutions.

Word Catcher Level 28 Answers

28-1. Rope Lasso Leash Twine String
28-2. Kids Slide Swings Playground
28-3. Ego Glory Honor Pride Dignity
28-4. Rye Grain Wheat Barley Millet
28-5. Ski Lift Lodge Slope Mountain
28-6. Mango Litchi Papaya Rambutan
28-7. Call Cell Dial Ring Telephone
28-8. Permit License Registration
28-9. Boot Sandal Sneaker Stocking
28-10. Rail Tram Track Train Freight

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