Turn off Amber Alert on Android and iPhone

America’s missing broadcast emergency response AMBER – Phone start vibrating and ringing when there’s child missing in your area and it’s need your attention to read the message and tap the button. This is a good idea to spread a message in small area through wifi and internet connection. Amber message broadcast randomly to smartphone in the missing area.

Amber alert will broadcast few time in a day until the missing child found, when you not in the location but still got the message you can turn of this alert:

Turn off AMBER Alert in iphone:

1. iPhone from settings >> notifications >> AMBER Alerts : tap to turn off

Turn off AMBER Alert in Adroid:
1. Go to settings >> apps notifications >> Emergency Alerts >> AMBER Alerts : Uncheck it

Amber only available in US and if you bring a smartphone from America to other country, this alert will automatically useless.

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