Trivia for All Answers Level 9

Trivia for all level 9 answers a game by second gear games for android device. This is another addicting game created by this developer almost every month they add new word game into google play market and we always be the first to download and try it in our Samsung galaxy tab and it’s really fun game, recommended for all android users kids or adult. To play this trivia for all is simple first you must guess word in the picture then find the correlation between those picture.

Trivia for All Level 9

Trivia for All Level 9-1. How many people play in a water polo team? 1. people 2. team answers: seven
Trivia for All Level 9-2. What is the practice of covering the roots of a plant with a layer of bark or other material to protect them from frost? 1. roots 2. plant answers: 3. frost answers: mulching
Trivia for All Level 9-3. What is the collective name for fishing lines, hooks, floats and weights? 1. lines 2. hooks answers: 3. floats answers: tackle
Trivia for All Level 9-4. Bricks made from earth mixed with straw and dried in the sun. 1. Bricks 2. straw answers: 3. sun answers: adobe
Trivia for All Level 9-5. What are the largest flowers of the genus Helianthus? 1. flowers answers: Sunflower
Trivia for All Level 9-6. How many arms or tentacles do squids have? 1. arms 2. tentacles answers: 3. squids answers: ten
Trivia for All Level 9-7. Cork is harvested from bark of what kind of tree? 1. Cork 2. bark 3. tree answers: oak
Trivia for All Level 9-8. Koala, kangaroo, and wallaby are members of this group of mammals. 1. Koala 2. kangaroo answers: 3. wallaby answers: marsupials
Trivia for All Level 9-9. What is the unit of currency in Russia? 1. currency 2. Russia answers: Ruble
Trivia for All Level 9-10. What tower became the tallest tower in the world in 1889 (taller than the Great Pyramids)? 1. tower 2. world answers: 3. Pyramids answers: Eiffel

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