Trivia for All Answers Level 8

Trivia for all level 8 answers a game by second gear games for android device. This is another addicting game created by this developer almost every month they add new word game into google play market and we always be the first to download and try it in our Samsung galaxy tab and it’s really fun game, recommended for all android users kids or adult. To play this trivia for all is simple first you must guess word in the picture then find the correlation between those picture.

Trivia for All Level 8

Trivia for All Level 8-1. What does a giraffe use to clean its own ears? 1. giraffe 2. clean answers: 3. ears answers: tongue
Trivia for All Level 8-2. What was the official language of England for over 600 years? 1. language 2. England answers: French
Trivia for All Level 8-3. What animal can hear a mouse moving underneath a foot of snow? 1. mouse 2. snow answers: coyote
Trivia for All Level 8-4. What scientists discovered radium? 1. radium 2. scientists answers: answers: Curie
Trivia for All Level 8-5. Benjamin Franklin invented lightning rod, a kind of stove, and this musical instrument. 1. lightning 2. stove answers: 3. instrument answers: armonica
Trivia for All Level 8-6. What piece of clothing was invented by French fashion designer Louis Reard in 1946? 1. clothing 2. designer answers: bikini
Trivia for All Level 8-7. What animal almost always gives birth to quadruplets? 1. animal 2. quadruplets answers: armadillos
Trivia for All Level 8-8. Worcestershire sauce, the popular English sauce, is made from what little fish? 1. sauce 2. fish answers: anchovies
Trivia for All Level 8-9. Which organ is like a sponge, lightweight and fills most of the space inside the chest? 1. organ 2. sponge answers: 3. chest answers: lungs
Trivia for All Level 8-10. What is the French name for a fish stew with proven├žal herbs and spices in the broth, that combines many kinds of fish? 1. stew 2. herbs answers: 3. spices answers: Bouillabaisse

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