Trivia for All Answers Level 7

Trivia for all level 7 answers a game by second gear games for android device. This is another addicting game created by this developer almost every month they add new word game into google play market and we always be the first to download and try it in our Samsung galaxy tab and it’s really fun game, recommended for all android users kids or adult. To play this trivia for all is simple first you must guess word in the picture then find the correlation between those picture.

Trivia for All Level 7

Trivia for All Level 7-1. Which mollusc has three hearts? 1. mollusc 2. three answers: 3. hearts answers: octopus
Trivia for All Level 7-2. Which bird lays the biggest egg found on land? 1. bird 2. egg answers: 3. land answers: ostrich
Trivia for All Level 7-3. Which is the only metal that is liquid at normal room temperature and that has the same name as a planet? 1. metal 2. temperature answers: 3. planet answers: mercury
Trivia for All Level 7-4. Which animals holds their hands in group while they eat, while they rest and while they sleep? 1. hands 2. eat answers: 3. sleep answers: otters
Trivia for All Level 7-5. What country was considering beer to be a soft drink until 2011? 1. country 2. beer answers: 3. drink answers: Russia
Trivia for All Level 7-6. What animal of the sea can detect one part of blood in 100 million parts of water? 1. sea 2. blood answers: 3. water answers: shark
Trivia for All Level 7-7. What is the smallest ocean in the world? 1. ocean 2. world answers: Arctic
Trivia for All Level 7-8. In which country is the tallest mountain partially located? 1. country 2. mountain answers: Nepal
Trivia for All Level 7-9. Who is 1% shorter in the evening than in the morning? 1. evening 2. morning answers: humans
Trivia for All Level 7-10. What is the 3rd largest land mammal after the elephant and the rhinoceros? 1. elephant 2. rhinoceros answers: hippopotamus

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