Trivia for All Answers Level 5

Trivia for all level 5 answers a game by second gear games for android device. This is another addicting game created by this developer almost every month they add new word game into google play market and we always be the first to download and try it in our Samsung galaxy tab and it’s really fun game, recommended for all android users kids or adult. To play this trivia for all is simple first you must guess word in the picture then find the correlation between those picture.

Trivia for All Level 5

Trivia for All Level 5-1. What do we call a group of birds? 1. group 2. birds answers: flock
Trivia for All Level 5-2. When heat is transferred through a liquid or gas, it is called … 1. heat 2. liquid answers: 3. gas answers: convection
Trivia for All Level 5-3. Where do gorillas sleep? 1. gorillas 2. sleep answers: nest
Trivia for All Level 5-4. What vehicle runs on rails and blows a whistle? 1. rails 2. whistle answers: train
Trivia for All Level 5-5. What is a coat that looks like a blanket with a hole in the center for the head? 1. coat 2. blanket answers: 3. head answers: poncho
Trivia for All Level 5-6. What is the largest fruit from Southeast Asia? 1. fruit 2. Asia answers: jackfruit
Trivia for All Level 5-7. The Statue of Liberty was given to the United States by which country? 1. Liberty 2. country answers: France
Trivia for All Level 5-8. What is the name of the Greek god of music? 1. name 2. god answers: 3. music answers: Apollo
Trivia for All Level 5-9. What animal uses tools more than any other animal except man? 1. animal 2. tools answers: 3. man answers: chimpanzee
Trivia for All Level 5-10. What bird can fly backward? 1. bird 2. fly answers: hummingbird

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