Trivia for All Answers Level 1

Trivia for all level 1 answers a game by second gear games for android device. This is another addicting game created by this developer almost every month they add new word game into google play market and we always be the first to download and try it in our Samsung galaxy tab and it’s really fun game, recommended for all android users kids or adult. To play this trivia for all is simple first you must guess word in the picture then find the correlation between those picture.

Trivia for All Level 1

Trivia for All Level 1-1. What is the largest bird in the world? 1. bird 2. world answers: ostrich
Trivia for All Level 1-2. What colour are the eyes of new babies? 1. eyes 2. babies answers: blue
Trivia for All Level 1-3. What gas are the floating birthday balloons filled with? 1. gas 2. birthday answers: 3. balloons answers: helium
Trivia for All Level 1-4. Which desert covers most of North Africa? 1. desert 2. Africa answers: Sahara
Trivia for All Level 1-5. What Greek mythological horse sprang from the blood of Medusa? 1. horse 2. blood answers: 3. Medusa answers: Pegasus
Trivia for All Level 1-6. Who is really tall and yellow with brown spots? 1. yellow 2. spots answers: giraffe
Trivia for All Level 1-7. What is the name of the famous tower in France? 1. tower 2. France answers: Eiffel
Trivia for All Level 1-8. What animal is pink and has a curly tail? 1. pink 2. tail answers: pig
Trivia for All Level 1-9. What is a floating mass of ice? 1. floating 2. ice answers: iceberg
Trivia for All Level 1-10. What was the name of the queen of Egypt about 2000 years ago? 1. queen 2. Egypt answers: Cleopatra

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