Toss Up Game Answers Level 11 – 20

Toss up answers – Level 11 to 20, Have you ever try a color blind test? this game will challenge you to guess every object like a color blind test game with a hundreds of image. Toss up is a simple game but not easy for us, not because we are color blind but the picture is very hard to guess with 1 – 2 confetti, i should use 3-4 confetti before able to understand the real picture.

Toss Up Answers

Level 11. Teddy Bear
Level 12. Crab
Level 13. Kite
Level 14. Bucket
Level 15. Beach Ball
Level 16. Sunglasses
Level 17. Gull
Level 18. Umbrella
Level 19. Shell
Level 20. Flip Flops

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