Through Abandoned Walkthrough Chapter 1

We hope this through abandoned chapter 1 walkthrough can help other player complete the first chapter, the first chapter is free to play so everyone can try this game before decide to buy the other chapter, it’s very challenging game remind me to resident evil in playstation 1 lol. Use this guide to find missing room or tools so you can find the way.

Through Abandoned Walkthrough Chapter 1

1. pick up right dragon stick, go to left screen pickup round object, combine with stick, go to right screen use stick to hit goong

2. back to dragon, tuch the wall, slide it down to climb, open left door with the key.

3. pick up oil can inside mining cart, go to right screen pick up pick axe, refill oil can, go to wall with uncovered brick & handle, use pick axe. pick up wheel.

4. put wheel at mining cart and use oilcan, go to right screen tap handle, tap button beside door to move ladder down, go up pick up matches and then go down, go to right screen follow the mining cart, tap right screen until you found off spotlight, tap bulb socket tap number ‘4’, back to left screen find a ladder, up at 2nd floor go to right to get a key, go to 3rd floor tap box and switch all handle, pick up small box.

5. back into the cave, use key to open round door in the middle track, go inside hole, go down 2nd hole until you found screwdriver at right hole, go left room pick up bulb using screwdriver and brick with pattern.

6. back to the room where you take a wheel, use screwdriver to pick up 2nd bulb

7. go outside where you click number 4 find ladder, go to 2nd floor the right, use brick with pattern, go inside and remember the box color, pick up cog wheel and tap 2nd brick with pattern tap ‘h’

8. go inside square room beside cog wheel, now you must change room color match to the box or follow this step: blue, down, tosca, right, green, up, red, front, orange, down, yellow, left, pink, up, purple, click down arrow twice, pick up 3rd bulb.

9. back to spotlight go to right screen find down ladder, go down until found 2nd hole, use screwdriver to open go inside until you found cross sign put cog wheel and turn the cross, back to the ladder raise and go inside new hole until found a train, find binocular inside train.

10. go to 2nd floor where you put pattern brick, but go left side find binocular handle, put binocular then tap it to get a clue. position: 1232

11. go to train hole but go up, to control room change button position to 1232 before move the handle, go to train

12. tap red button infront the train, go inside room with a plant, use matches go up, tap the door wheel, go inside room and put the box above ‘pyramid’, go out close the door, go up tap the handle, back to the room and pick up 4th bulb.

13. move the handle beside track left then tap flat cart, go to spotlights put bulbs in 4 socket

14. go to round door in the middle of track inside cave, tap all red button and remember the 4 symbol.

15. go to place where you fix mining cart / pick up matches, slide ladder to up, tap door lock and change the 4 symbol, open door.

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