This Is Top 10 Word Game 2018 Android & iOS

This is the 10 most downloaded word game in android or iOS, with this list player can found the popular word game and played with other in our community. Word game is simple and use very little space in your smartphone so many player love to download this kind of game, you can play it online or ofline with no limitation so lets check the top 10 popular word game in 2018.

1. Word Cookies – This game downloaded 2.000.000 times with more than 300k active player, word cookies player still waiting the latest update but unfotunately no more update in last 2 months. Bitmango as developer launch the sequel named word cookies cross but can’t pass the sucessor.

2. Word Connect – This word game downloaded 499.000 times and about 100k player still play this game, June is the latest update, we did not create solutions for this game because at that time we focused with word cookies and word trip answers.

3. Word Crossy – Had more than 244.000 download and still updated until last week, available for android and iOS. Sorry but the answers isn’t availabe here.

4. Wordscapes – This is our recommended game had 234.000 download and thousand active player, the complete answers available at Created by elshaddaigame team for other publisher.

5. Word Link – I can’t undestand why so many player download this ‘ugly’ design game, it can reach 231.000 download. No more comments

6. WordWhizzle Search – We play all the apprope game including word whizzle search this game reach 171.000 download and still growing, but no more level update since June. We know they upload new game named word whizzle tap but not available for android at this time.

7. Words With Friends 2 – This popular online word game created by zynga you can invite your friends to play with you through the internet. This game had 149.000 download in google play

8. Word Cross – This game had 107.000 download in android device and still growing, update still in progress for android and not for iPhone or ipad.

9. WordCookies Cross – This game is the word cookies sequel the most downloaded game in 2018 but word cookies cross only downloaded 33.000 times, i guess player won’t install new game but waiting for word cookies update.

10. Word Trip Word Streak Puzzles – This is our favourite game word trip downloaded 59.000 times in android and 40.000 times in iOS. Word trip answers available here at please check our solutions to complete this challenging game.

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