Stranger Cases Level 4 Walkthrough

Here’s my stranger cases walkthrough for level 4, follow this step to get any item in this game. I just upload the video walkhtrough at my youtube channel but this simple guide able to help any player. Stranger cases created by snap break and now also available for iPhone and android. This is our walkhtrough :

Stranger Cases Level 4

1. open bear mouth, slide mop and take it
2. take matches
3. play “tic-tac-toe” game see my clue, follow red line. take the cake/candle
4. use mop to clean water
5. use matches to light up candle, put at the smoke censors
6. tap the screen to change to number
7. here’s the number position match with the screen
8. open box with code 3975, take key
9. use key to open door

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