Stop Whatsapp from Saving Photos & Videos

Your data storage space is quickly full because WhatsApp automatically stores photos and videos? Many whatsapp users talk about this problem, because by default each photo or video sent to you or to the group that you follow will be automatically stored in data storage, of course this rule can be changed so that your data storage is not quick full and enough to save files that you need. Follow this step to stop whatsapp from automatically saving photos and videos

Stop Whatsapp from Saving Photos or Videos

1. tap menu, tap settings, tap data and storage usage

2. tap when using mobile data, remove all tick and OK

3. tap when connected on Wi-Fi, remove all tick and OK

After do this step now your whatsapp app will stop automatically download photos or videos, you can save your storage but the other problem is whatsapp also saving your chat log, it can be huge if you follow some groups. At least every 3 month you must uninstall whatsapp to remove those logs and then reinstall it again.

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