Snapchat Spectacles, Cool Glasses to Take Snaps


Last October, Snap Inc., the company that developed Snapchat, launched Snapchat spectacles. The shape and the model like any sunglasses you can see on the store, but they have camera that can take snaps of pictures and videos and send them to the app. If you interested to buy them, they cost you $130 and available in three different colors.

What you need to know about Snapchat spectacles

Since Snapchat spectacles are relatively new, you need to know about Snapchat spectacles before you rush into the store to buy them. Here we go.

Snapchat spectacles are glasses with camera

If you expected sunglasses that could receive message or take a call, then you’ll be disappointed. Snapchat spectacles are just a sunglasses with a camera. They don’t have display to see messages or some sort of high-tech display that you may think of. Their camera is wide-angle camera with-115 degree lens. They can take snaps and record a video for 10 seconds then save them to Snapchat memories.

You buy them from vending machine

Snapchat spectacles come with the case and cable, and they are not available in the stores. You only can buy them from vending machine that is called Snapbot. It will be placed at one place and once the supply ran out, it will be moved to another place. The company refuse to disclose where the vending machine will be located. That is why you always see people are lining up to get the spectacles.

The case is the charger

Snapchat spectacles can last for a day, but if you want to charge them, you can use their case just like using powerbank. You can recharge the spectacles about four times if the case is fully charged.

The camera take videos in circle

Since the videos are captured in circle, you can see them from any positions, horizontal or vertical, in Snapchat app. The spectacles only can record videos up to 10 seconds per snaps. The light will switch on so everyone will know that you take a recording. You have to tap the frame multiple times if you want to record more than 10 seconds.

Snapchat spectacles can save snaps

Snapchat spectacles are still working to take snaps even though you don’t pair them with phone. They will save all snaps in Snapchat Memories until you have the time to pair them with phone. To transfer the snaps into the phone you need WiFi or Bluetooth connection. WiFi connection is required for transferring snaps into Android phones, while Bluetooth connection is required for transferring snaps into iPhone.

Snapchat spectacles are not designed for selfies

Since the camera is facing outward, the spectacles cannot take snaps of you using them. Unless you take snaps in front of mirror. The spectacles are designed to take snaps others and send them to the app in real time. However, you still can add filter when the snaps have been transferred into the app. Snapchat spectacles won’t sync to another app. They are solely for Snapchat app.

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