Snapchat Software Download to Save the Snaps on Mobile Phones

Nowadays Snapchat is probably the most popular photos-slash-videos mobile phone apps. You can take snaps and make video records then send them in the app, so your followers or public can see them. Those pictures and videos will vanish after a while, but other people still can screenshoot the pictures if they want. If you want to save the snaps you received, special Snapchat software download is required. The senders won’t notice that you have saved their snaps. So here are the best Snapchat software application to save the snaps.


The best Snapchat software download to save the snaps and stories on mobile phones


Snapbox is one of the best Snapchat software download to save the snaps and stories on iPhones. You can download Snapbox from Apple App Stores. To login the app, you can use your Snapchat id and password. Open Snapbox and it will automatically save the snaps you received.


SnapCrack is another iOS apps to save snaps permanently. It is available in two version, free version and paid version. Not only it can save snaps you received, it also allows you to send snaps from your photo or video gallery. For the paid version, you have to pay $4.99 to get the app on Apple App Store.


SnapSave has great function because it can receive the snaps, allow you see the snaps, save the snaps, and also send the snaps. So we can say that SnapSave could be an alternative for Snapchat app. It used to be available for Android phones, but now the app has been removed from Google PlayStore. However, for iPhone users, you still can get SnapSave on Apple App Store.

Snapchat Saver

Snapchat Saver is one of the best Snapchat software download and the most used to save photos, videos, and stories in Android phone. The way Snapchat Saver work is you should save the snaps before you open Snapchat apps. Otherwise those snaps won’t be saved and gone after a while. You can download Snapchat Saver on Google Play Store.


SaveMySnaps allows you to receive and view the snaps. It also gives you an option whether you want to save the snaps or not. However, you should save the snaps before you open Snapchat app. Otherwise the snaps you want to save, will vanish after 10 seconds. SaveMySnaps is only available for Android phones. You can download it on Google PlayStore.


Casper is developed by the same company that developed SaveMySnaps. However, Casper app has more advanced functions than the rest of Snapchat software download we talk above. Not only it can receive and save the snaps, it also can take snaps, apply filters, add stickers, forward the snaps you received, and more. Casper app is only available for Android phones, and you can download the app on Casper website or Google PlayStore.

Those are Snapchat software download to save the snaps you have received permanently, including photos or videos stories. A lesson from this article is that you should be careful sending snaps, otherwise other people will save snaps you sent and use them for their own benefits.

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