Snapchat Pending Messages and How to Deal with This Issue


Many people are loving using Snapchat but definitely hates snapchat pending message. There’s a big chance that you are also the one who make this application as a guilty pleasure. Snapchat is fun and addictive indeed. This application allows us to send temporary messages to friends connected to us. This messages can be in pictures or short videos editable with text or smileys. Since the messages only appear temporarily, it is an ideal platform to send private or confidential messages. Yes, the messages or known as the snaps can only be seen once then disappear.

What is Pending Message on Snapchat?

Snapchat pending messages can turn the fun on sending snaps to your friends from fun and engaging into an irritating one. We are wondering a lot when the snap can be sent and it says pending on the notification. Even for those who use Snapchat frequently don’t really understand what pending message really is. When the notification says pending, there’s no exact time when the message will be delivered or whether the recipient accept the message or not. What actually happens when pending notification appears is the message is failed to reach your friends account or it can be delivered to intended destination. There are several reasons why pending message on snapchat happens, including:

1. To send and receive snaps one another, you and your friend need to be friend on Snapchat. When pending snap happens, your friend may not confirm your friend request yet. Your friends need to confirm it before the snap can be delivered.

2. When you are sure your friend request had been confirmed and you have been successfully send snap to the same person before, there’s a big possibility that your friend deleted you from his friend list. Yes, it can be the sad fact to explain why the snap is pending.

3. You can always blame the internet connection. Slow internet connection or bad signal causes the snap to be pending. When you move to area with better internet connection, the snap will be delivered.

It is highly recommended you check both three factors above to fix the pending snap issue.

Snapchat Pending Messages Expiration and How to Delete

The next issues about pending snap is whether it has any expiration and what to do when you decide to delete the snap. The first issue about the expiration. From various experiences, Snapchat will keep the pending messages for several days before it is expired. After the expired, the pending snap can’t be delivered. You need to start it all over again.

In case of you want to delete the pending snap, it is even more tricky issue. Any snap, whether it is picture or video, can only be deleted if the viewer hasn’t opened the snap yet. Once the snap is opened, there’s nothing you can do about it and it is irreversible. In case deleting snapchat pending messages, you need to delete your Snapchat account. Sadly, that’s the only way to delete those pending snaps.

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