Ruzzle Word Genius The Future Answers

I hope there’s few players need this Ruzzle Word Genius The Future answers to solve the game when they stuck at some level. A game which created by mag interactive for iphone and ipad user has 12 chapter and each chapter contains 1 to 4 packs and each packs contains 20 level. In the default you has 10 hints but you can add more hints by leaving rate or buy it through the apps payment gateway and I bet all player can solve all level in this pack without using any hints.

Puzzle Word Genius The Future Cheats

The Future Level 521. squad, minister, tip, bid, gene, brand, hero, phase, brain, wood, set
The Future Level 522. motor, beam, operator, movie, wage, workshop, cross, unity, store
The Future Level 523. resource, prospect, violence, wheel, fibre, envelope, gallery
The Future Level 524. sort, bar, coverage, training, democrat, guard, buyer, kind, task
The Future Level 525. name, page, marriage, white, era, body, approval, shot, blue, green
The Future Level 526. ambition, blade, car, salt, monopoly, mouse, side, beach, hill, sin
The Future Level 527. attitude, while, win, sport, cell, gate, equation, apple, bowl, inn
The Future Level 528. alliance, net, jury, input, truth, fish, dress, box, heat, mess, stop
The Future Level 529. research, disc, bench, wind, governor, book, rival, joke, profile
The Future Level 530. firm, fig, standing, emission, glass, fact, hospital, tool, fruit
The Future Level 531. chest, official, army, house, size, observer, surprise, nursery
The Future Level 532. trace, route, event, pleasure, organism, god, love, tower, public
The Future Level 533. ministry, dad, left, standard, lifetime, party, appendix, cliff
The Future Level 534. dock, item, rise, learning, assembly, princess, midnight, space
The Future Level 535. snow, form, hold, shade, drop, iron, moon, debt, trick, cake, finance
The Future Level 536. security, mud, argument, business, pub, note, ship, inch, refugee
The Future Level 537. shoulder, cupboard, resident, field, crash, dozen, arm, term, mum
The Future Level 538. rod, ratio, canal, brick, laugh, instinct, cover, lie, piece, forum
The Future Level 539. industry, relation, shock, festival, copy, table, fleet, doctor
The Future Level 540. heart, flow, queen, cab, pit, thousand, recovery, acre, bean, breed

Level 541 – 560 at page 2

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