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I’m not good in football but I know some football club name, so when I try this rebus fc I can solve more than 30 level, if you try this game and cannot guess the puzzle please use our rebus football club answers or help us find the unanswered football team in this game. Rebus Fc only available for android and this game contains more than 60 level, most of the level are easy to guess but you can use our result if cannot guess some club.

Rebus Football Club Answers Cheats Solutions


Level 1 inter : clue :t er
Level 2 tottenham : clue :2:10 ham
Level 3 elche : clue :5l383
Level 4 millwall : clue :wind mill brick
Level 5 leeds : clue :82pb s
Level 6 torino : clue :O tor
Level 7 angers : clue :angry s
Level 8 verona : clue :ver a
Level 9 bolton : clue :Bolt 100
Level 10 Liverpool
Level 11 ipswich
Level 12 blackpool
Level 13 marseille
Level 14 preston north end
Level 15 sunderland
Level 16 porto
Level 17 augusburg
Level 18 bayern
Level 19 hannover
Level 20 hoffenheim
Level 21 parma
Level 22 mainz
Level 23 barcelona
Level 24 atalanta
Level 25 southampton
Level 26 wolfsburg
Level 27 hamburger
Level 28 eibar
Level 29 celta vigo
Level 30 freiburg
Level 31 aston villa

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