PIXEL’S UNKNOWN BATTLE GROUND – block version PUBG, has a smaller file size and can be played with lower device specifications. It has good 3-dimensional graphics quality, but the concept is not reality but pixel block.

Pixel’s unknown battle ground has many enthusiasts, especially children who are curious about the original PUBG but don’t have the time to download a large file. I know that some players use cheats on the pixel’s unknown battle ground, but can only run on an modified version or commonly called MOD.

If interested you can search the mod pixels unknown battle ground version using a search engine, but be careful when install the modified application, because it could have been infected with a malicious program that can record all activities that you do on a smartphone.

Unfortunately, the pixels unknown battle ground MOD version can only be played offline, because the official server will reject the connection from the modified application, but it doesn’t matter because you can still have fun with pixels unknown battle ground ‘PUBG’ game.

Download MOD pixels unknown battle ground here to try the cheats menu

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