Letter Fridge Kiwi Answers

Hello friends now i want to share a letter fridge answers for the kiwi pack, this is simple game, you must arrange the letter to make some english word, this game only accept minimum 3 letters word and longer. First i though this game was really easy until i’m stuck at the second pack, i can’t found 1 more word to complete the packs, then i use word game solver to find the last word.

Letter fridge answers created to help player solve the word, this is just a option when they doesn’t have hints credits. Please share and review letter fridge game using your iphone or ipad, it will help game reach more player.

Letter Fridge Kiwi Answers

Level 1. sea east eats jest jets seat teas ate eat eta jet sat sea set tea
Level 2. cubed cebu cube cued dumb bed bud bum cub cud cue dec dub due med mud
Level 3. lures rules lure revs rues rule ruse slur suer sure user rev rue sue sur url use
Level 4. bodice bide bode code dice doei iced bed bid cob cod deb dec die doc doe doi edo ice
Level 5. boar braw brow bar boa bow bra oar orb raw rob row war
Level 6. evil give glee live veil vile eel eve gel lee leg lie liv veg vie
Level 7. ovate take teak veto vote ate eat oak oat oka ova tea toe vat vet
Level 8. deify edify aide deaf defy fade idea daye aid aye day dea die dyefed fey ida idf yea

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