How to use Secret Conversation in Messenger

do you know messenger has a secret conversations feature with end to end encryption, Which means the text will be very difficult to be hack during the sending process, this feature allows someone to discuss safely using facebook messenger, for your info this feature also used by terrorists to communicate with their colleagues because it is considered safer than normal mode. No worries facebook always monitored every group who use their app, so when they detect an abuse they will lock your account.

How to use or activate secret conversation in messenger

1. tap on profile picture, scroll down tap secret conversation, turn it on

2. tap on new chat, tap secret and choose contact name

3. secret conversation begins

Chat with secret conversation mode will be have some difference: profile picture has a padlock icon and text background will be dark. So if we asked how to find secret conversation in messenger then we will find chat with padlock icon and has dark text background. We hope this post able to help our visitor knowing a new app feature.

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