How to Update Whatsapp on iPhone and Android

Often got whatsapp notifications expire and must be updated soon before it can be used? Here’s how to update WhatsApp on your iPhone or Android

1. Prepare 500MB – 1GB space on your smartphone by deleting some useless applications or videos
2. On the iPhone open the App Store and on android open the Play Store
3. In the search form type Whatsapp
4. Select Update, wait until the download is complete

If you have enough space in internal memory the process will run smoothly, but if your data storage space is not enough then the process will stop and you must repeat from stage 1.

Actually if the memory space in your smartphone is large enough whatsapp will be automatically updated but vice versa if the space needed is not enough then WhatsApp update notifications will often appear on the main screen. Update whatsapp to get the latest features and better security, ignore if there are foreign numbers claiming to be admin
who asks for the verification code, because WhatsApp never asks for a verification code through direct message or chat.

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