How to Update Google Play Store

Google play store is the right place to download apps, game, books, video and other great stuff this built in android apps updated automatically when you connect to internet. How if the android doesn’t have internet connection for few month? there will be no update, but after you have internet connection it will ask you to update google play store.

Google play never update automatically because you ever change the update setting to manual update or update through wifi only. Fix this setting to make google play store updated automatically when internet connection is active. Follow this step to update google play:

1. Open play store and tap settings

2. tap auto update menus

3. Choose auto update options: over any network, over wifi only and turn off auto update

Choose over wifi only, so when it’s connected to internet through wifi google play will be updated. The other way to update google play is using apk, you can download the google play apk fom internet but make sure it’s clean from virus or malware by scaning it first.

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