How to Unblock Someone on Whatsapp

If you ever block someone on whatsapp and want to fix the relationship with unblock it, here’s the step by step to unblock someone from your whatsapp account. First you must know the number you want to unblock and make sure you contact not blocked by them, because it will be useless if both side block an account.

How to Unblock Someone on Whatsapp

1. tap on menus

2. tap settings

3. tap account

4. tap privacy

5. tap blocked contacts

6. tap number you want to unblock


If after unblock a number but you can’t see their status or profile picture it’s mean your number also blocked from the other side. To know if your whatsapp blocked or not read our article about how to know if someone blocked you on whatsapp here.

Blocking a whatsapp is not a real solutions, talk to find a real solutions.

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