How to hide last seen on Whatsapp

Last seen on whatsapp inform your contact or everyone when was last time you using whatsapp, if you have problem with this feature you can turn it off or hide it. Sometimes we don’t want everyone to know when we’re actively using whatsapp at that moment so you must turn off this feature to hide last seen info. To turn off last seen feature on whatsapp you can follow this steps.

How to hide last seen on Whatsapp

1. tap dots at top right, 2. tap settings, 3. tap account

4. tap privacy, 5. tap last seen, 6. tap nobody if you want hide last seen from everyone.

whatsapp last seen feature is not always accurate it depends on the network status, if you had a problem with your internet connection the last seen can be wrong or slower to update. So before judge someone please be sure if your internet connection is fast and stable, so the last seen feature updated.

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