How to Delete Messages on Messenger

Sometime you need to keep a secret from your chat and need to delete some message on facebook messenger to avoid messages opened by someone. Did you know you can delete message in both sender and recipients or only in your device as message sender. This feature also available on whatsapp few month a go and then added into messenger no problem because their owner is identical.

Want to delete messages on messenger? Simple do this step and the messages will be gone, i don’t know if deleted message on facebook can be recovered but maybe server keep your chat until few weeks before it replaced with newer text. Watch how to delete Facebook messenger chat below.

Delete messages on messenger FB

1. tap and hold text you want to remove

2. tap remove button

3. choose remove for you or both

Please remember after you tap remove button you can’t recover it, so make sure you choose the right word because there’s no undo or ctrl + z.

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