HOT!!! How to Find a Secret Loot Cave in the PUBG, full of Weapons and Equipment

There’s so many trick and secret in PUBG battleroyale, in their new maps vikendi there are secret loot cave full of weapon and equipment, New battleground maps named vikendi [snow] already exist more than a month. Some player already have fun with this maps and the developer still update and fix some bug in this maps. The cave is hidden in the northeastern, There are three separate entrances to the cave, in these three places, but each one is full of stones.

To enter the cave you must use a vehicle and hit it with full of speed or you can use a greenade to blow the stones to make it open. Did you curious about the latest loot cave, lets go find it?.

PUBG Secret Cave

1. go to place marked X in the maps

2. use vehicle to break the door

3. go inside cave and find weapon or equipment

If you already know this cave and want more shocking secret in the PUBG, please bookmark we will post a shocking pubg secret soon, New PTS closed but the other will be open soon, so keep watching.

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