Game of Words Cross and Connect Answers Explorer 1 – 10

Read our answer for game of words explorer pack to get the right words, we play this game using ipad mini and all the words match with the different device. This game is combination between a crossword and word scramble so player can try to solve the game by sliding the letter to any direction, every word game only use small space and this game only need 47 Megabyte, if compared with pubg or fortnite it’s 10 : 1 so you can download more word game if you delete pubg from your smartphone.

Game of Words Explorer Answers

explorer 13. are ear era dare red dear read
explorer 14. snow now sown son sow own
explorer 15. list lit sit its silt slit
explorer 16. tend ten net end dent den
explorer 17. span sap snap pan spa nap
explorer 18. one node nod done doe end den
explorer 19. ate bat tab beat eat bet beta tea
explorer 20. note neon toe not one none tone ten net
explorer 21. deaf dame fade fad fame dam mad famed made
explorer 22. leaf leak elf flea flake ale fake lake flak

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