Food Quiz Answers Pack 6

I want to share my food quiz game result, this post contains the packs 6 answers. each packs contains 15 to 30 level but there’s many pack available to play in this game but sometimes need a internet connection to load before you can play those pack. If you stuck at pack 6 because a difficult food name you can try to use clues, but it’s need a credit to use the clue. Unfortunately food quiz only available for android but maybe someday this game also available for the iphone and ipad.

Food Quiz Pack 6

1. Russell Stover
2. Propel
3. Swanson
4. Thai Kitchen
5. Fanta
6. Trolli
7. Truvia
8. Uncle Lee’s Tea
9. Nerds
10. Twinkies
11. Bon Matin
12. C&H
13. Chocolate Cheerios
14. Cookie Crisp
15. Corn Flakes
16. Corn Pops
17. Doublemint
18. Folgers
19. Gummy Bears
20. Honey Buns

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