Food Quiz Answers Pack 10

I want to share my food quiz game result, this post contains the packs 10 answers. each packs contains 15 to 30 level but there’s many pack available to play in this game but sometimes need a internet connection to load before you can play those pack. If you stuck at pack 10 because a difficult food name you can try to use clues, but it’s need a credit to use the clue. Unfortunately food quiz only available for android but maybe someday this game also available for the iphone and ipad.

Food Quiz Pack 10

1. Hostess
2. Dum Dums
3. Hormel Chili
4. Juicy Fruit
5. Dr Pepper
6. Lucky Charms
7. Mott’s
8. StarKist
9. Life
10. Chef Boyardee
11. Sprite
12. Chester’s
13. Shin Bowl
14. Hormel Compleats
15. LouAna
16. Pop Secret
17. Rolo
18. Quaker Quinoa
19. Gardetto’s
20. Hostess

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