FIX – Unfortunately Messenger has Stopped

If you got this message ‘unfortunately messenger has stopped’ several time in a hour then you have serious problem. This mean your messenger app crash, it can caused by some problem like
1. Not enough ram because it used by other app
2. App obsolete, please update
3. Too many app running in the background
4. Need more space in your smartphone system to run this app
5. Messenger cache log too big

To prevent unfortunately messenger has stopped follow this step :
1. Close other app running in background, such a battery meter, ram cleaner, anti virus etc.
2. Update your facebook messenger
3. Remove unused file or video
4. Reinstall facebook messenger

Follow those step to fix messenger app from keep stopping or crash, if the problem still persist you must reset your phone into factory setting but please remember all file saved in internal memry must be backup first

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