Escape Logan Estate Chapter 3 Act 1 Walkthrough

This is it escape logan estate chapter 3 act 1, use this guide if you stuck and not able to watch the video walkthrough but want to solve this simple puzzle. I know not every player able to solve a puzzle game even if you think it’s very easy to complete, use this guide and cheers.

Escape Logan Estate Chapter 3 Act 1

1. go to living room grab a glass cleaner in the drawer, take a clothes at sofa
2. go to kids room take a 2nd clothes a the pillow, open suitcase in front of left bed, tap this hasp 1, 2, 6, 5, 3, 4. insert all clothes into suitcase and gram cloth inside suitcase above green clothes
3. use cleaner and cloth to clean window
4. go to warehouse, pick up axe and give it to old man, take the firewood put beside fireplace, back to outside take lighter at stump
5. go to kitchen open freezer use lighter to melt ice, take meat
6. go to outside warehouse, feed fox with meat

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