Escape Logan Estate Chapter 2 Act 3 Walkthrough

This is it escape logan estate chapter 2 act 3, use this guide if you stuck and not able to watch the video walkthrough but want to solve this simple puzzle. I know not every player able to solve a puzzle game even if you think it’s very easy to complete, use this guide and cheers.

Escape Logan Estate Chapter 2 Act 3

1. go to don’t disturb room, pick up wire above pillow, go to living room pick up screwdrver in the drawer
2. back to don’t disturb room open the door lock using screwdriver install the wires make it straight, dont’t forget to install the screw back
3. tap the wall watch the clue 834, go to living room open middle drawer remember symbol in 8th 3rd 4th position.

4. go to don’t disturb room, open door lock with the symbol
5. go to warehouse, open the right safety deposit box use your feeling to get the right sequence, pick up the rifle

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