Escape Logan Estate Chapter 2 Act 2 Walkthrough

This is it escape logan estate chapter 2 act 2, use this guide if you stuck and not able to watch the video walkthrough but want to solve this simple puzzle. I know not every player able to solve a puzzle game even if you think it’s very easy to complete, use this guide and cheers.

Escape Logan Estate Chapter 2 Act 2

1. pick up peg, go to living room, pick up 2nd peg and magnet in the drawer, back to middle room
2. tap window, use magnet to move key in the labyrinth, move key to the hole and pick up key
3. use key to open room with don’t disturb sign, tap book shelf, arrange the book watch the preview below:

4. go to kitchen pick up bulb inside right drawer, pick up 3rd peg in the bathroom, put bulb above the mirror move from left, middle, right fitting & remember clue.
5. go to don’t disturb room tap top book shelf, put peg same with clue, you got vase
6. go outside the house tap the pillar vase near wood log, see clue, pick up round object (dial) outside warehouse, go to inside warehouse, pick up cage
7. tap safe deposit beside red box, put dial, then move the dots match to the arrow color ie: purple circle dots to purple arrow. pick up gnomon
8. go to pillar vase put the gnomon, put bulb at the right fitting outside warehouse, remember the shadow clue, go inside warehouse open left chest with symbow from pillar
9. go outside warehouse pick up bulb move to left fitting, watch the another clue on pillar vase, go inside warehouse tap chest change the symbol, pick up pet food, go to forest

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