Escape Logan Estate Chapter 1 Act 2 Walkthrough

This is it escape logan estate chapter 1 act 2, use this guide if you stuck and not able to watch the video walkthrough but want to solve this simple puzzle. I know not every player able to solve a puzzle game even if you think it’s very easy to complete, use this guide and cheers.

Escape Logan Estate Chapter 1 Act 2

1. go to kitchen find kettle and matches, fill kettle with water, tap grey door use kettle fill bottle with water, pick up key
2. go to living room use key to open bottom drawer, pick slide and remember the clue 1
3. go to door under the stairs use clue 1
4. go to kitchen fill kettle with water, put above stove and turn on see the 2nd clue, insert the clue at dial pad
5. open grey door in the kitchen pick up wood log, axe and hammer, put wood log at the place and use axe to split, pick up firewood
6. go to living room put firewood and use matches to burn, remember the 3rd clue, insert clue at dial pad
7. go to 2nd floor, slide carpet in front room with don’t disturb sign, use hammer at bottom plank, remember the 4th clue and insert at dial pad
8. put slide on old projector move slide until + and + proper, watch the map move 3 pin at X sign, back to projector move slide until circle precise the circle, put pin at X sign
now count pin at green area and brown area it’s 2 and 4

9. open grey box below hunting picture with code 2 4

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